2009 Spring Bazaar

The May 2009 fund-raiser was a huge success. We had excellent attendance on both Saturday and Sunday. The jewellery on sale was exceptional.  Brigitte Benaissa’s designs were admired by all.  The mixture of beads from Ghana, silver from Ethiopia and semi-precious stones from India made for some very unusual and colourful necklaces. In addition, there were beautiful silver sets of necklaces, bracelets and rings, summer scarves, skirts and dresses and colourful baskets from Ethiopia. As usual, there was also a coffee ceremony throughout both days and Ethiopian coffee on sale. There was a beautiful necklace with a Coptic cross from Axum, Ethiopia, offered as a prize.

The winner was Anne Naef, an American French woman living in Geneva and working at HSBC Private Bank. Ann is married with two daughters and was delighted to have won.  When she collected her prize, she spoke of her interest humanitarian and development issues and her hope that her contribution to the bazaar had “contributed slightly to the cause, maybe a grain of sand… ”

Anne Naef
Anne Naef

The funds raised in May 2009 were quickly sent to Ethiopia where Mr. Adenew Gossa was coordinating the construction of a new building for the Melka Oba school.  He worked tirelessly since end of January to find a builder who was willing to build in the dusty rural area of Sodorre.  The conditions were tough given that the school has no road and no electricity or running water.

In the local town of Nazareth, Adenew was able to locate a very competent builder who was willing to commence the work.  I am now happy to announce that the work has been completed and the building houses two classrooms seating 120 students.  We also bought new desks and blackboards for the building.

Cinema Verite has invited the Ethiopian Food Appeal to participate in its festival from 6 to 8 October 2009.  It is hoped that a short film of the children that charity supports in Ethiopia will be shown. The next round of fund-raisers will be in November.  There will be an EFA stand at the American International Women’s Club Grand Autumn Bazaar on Saturday, 7th November, in Chene Bougeries at the Salle Communale. In addition, there will be the annual fall bazaar of the EFA in Awash Restaurant in late November (date to be announced).