2009 Winter Bazaar

Dear Friends of ECA,

I wish to thank all of you for supporting the winter bazaar.

It was a great success, despite so many other events taking place in Geneva such as Escalade and several Christmas markets, not to mention it rained on Sunday!

We were able to raise almost 13,000 sfrs.  It was a fun atmosphere with lots of Ethiopian music and great Ethiopian food and coffee.

Films of the children we support could be viewed throughout each day and supporters got to see for themselves the delivery we made in January 2010 of six tons of flour as well as school supplies and Christmas treats.

WIth the funds raised this year, I have been able to build two classrooms for 120 students, purchase desks and blackboards, deliver vitamins to the HIV/AIDS home we support, provide food to 300 students and their families as well as to the entire village, deliver school supplies to 1,000 students and re-furbish the older school builidings and structures at the Melka Oba school.

I will be travelling to Ethiopia as usual at my own expense, to deliver food and supplies to more than 1,000 students.

I will spend Christmas day (Orthodox, 7 January) with the 16 HIV/AIDS orphans  living in the Artist for Charity home where I will purchase and deliver all of the things requested on their individual Christmas wish lists.

On 5 January, I will return to the Melka Oba and Sodorre schools to deliver food and school supplies.  I will also have a chance to inaugurate the buildings your support helped to construct.

Accompanying me on this trip will be two teenage boys and their mother, an American living in Prague, a young German environmental engineer and a Swiss artist and leather smith.

I am looking forward to showing them Ethiopia and to their helping me with the deliveries.    I would like to convey a special thanks to Edie and Rob Wells for their generous contribution to the EFA and for the new EFA logo designed by Edie.

I would also give a special thanks to the many task force members of EFA who worked so tirelessly to ensure that the bazaar was a success.

Thank you to our jewellery designer Brigitte, Kiki, Tiese, Kwenie, Francine, Brigitte, Cathy, Diane, Diana, Andrew, Kristin.

The winner of our tomobola was two young girls – Xulia and Estela Maillot Rodriguez who plan on giving the necklace to their Mother for Christmas!

ECA Winter Bazaar – December 5 + 6, 2009