2009 Other Events

Millenium Declaration – October 6-8, 2009: ECA was honoured as Cinéma Vérité chose to support the Millenium Declaration voted by the United Nations in September 2000 and to follow the progress in achieving the 8 Millenium Development Goals set for 2015.
One of the targets decided by world leaders was to reduce by half the proportion of the world population living with less than one dollar per day by 2015. Developing countries called for the western powers to totally erase the debt of the poorest countries. Read more about ECA and Cinéma Vérité, who most generously contributed SFr 5000.00.

WHO Solidarity Fair – December 15-16, 2009: ECA had a stand at the WHO Solidarity Fair. It was a great success raising more than 7,000 Sfrs. The grand total of our fundraising for December is now more than 25,000 Sfrs.
A special thanks to Jo Butler’s nieces, Tosha and Lisa, who came from the United States to visit and were co-opted into helping the ECA at two different bazaars. The WHO drawing was won by Mr. Johannes.

November 7, 2009:
The American International Women’s Club is holding its Grand Autumn Bazaar at:
Salle Communale de Chene Bourgerie,
1 route du Vallon,
12124 Chene Bougeries
from 10 am to 6 p.m.
The Ethiopian Food Appeal held a stand selling silver jewellery made with semi-precious stones and beads from Africa, silk and cotton scarves, baskets, blankets, tablecloths, caftans, and Ethiopian coffee.

The November 2008 bazaar will feature jewellery designed by a German artist living in Switzerland.  She uses Ethiopian silver and beads from Ghana in her designs.