2008 Spring Bazaar

This May bazaar was very successful. As usual, it was hosted by Tahir, the owner of Awash Restaurant, a very popular Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of Geneva.It was a beautiful sunny day and we were touched by the fact that so many of you decided to spend the day at the bazaar instead of basking in the sun by the lake. Visitors were greeted by the aroma of authentic Ethiopian coffee, being brewed in the traditional way by roasting the beans and infusing them with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, as part of the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. They did not need much enticement to take a free cup of coffee and most of them left with several jars of Ethiopia coffee in tow.

During the traditional ceremony, coffee is eaten with popcorn and kolo, a crunchy roasted barley snack and both were on offer throughout the day. The Ethiopian snack, kolo, proved so popular that I had to start selling it to visitors at the bazaar as part of our fundraising efforts. Ethiopian food was available for reasonable prices throughout the day and many visitors stayed for lunch or dinner. Tahir generously contributed a portion of the proceeds from the restaurant to the Ethiopian Food Appeal. Not only does he offer the restaurant free of charge every year, but he also always makes a contribution.

Beautiful Ethiopian handicrafts were on sale. Hand woven silk and cotton scarves and caftans as well as tablecloths, pure cotton blankets and shawls and colorful hand woven baskets were also on sale. Unique Ethiopian silver jewellery was the highlight of the sale. The jewellery featured pure silver coptic crosses from Ethiopia as well as silver earrings and rings.

In total, the bazaar raised $8,000. Many thanks to everyone who came and participated.

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