July 2018 Update

The Frederick CAD engineering high school students presented their rocket stove to MIT in early July 2018.   As finalists in the Lemelson invention contest, they received 9000 dollars to build the prototype.  The Frederick Rotary Club gave them 700 dollars to buy equipment.
The project was well received and they will be traveling to Ethiopia in December 2018.  The ECA founder Jo Butler will be in Ethiopia to organize their stay on the ground and to introduce them to the Melka Oba school and community.  It is hoped that their invention will serve to purify the water in the borehole that was built seven years ago by World Vision.  The community has been unable to use this water owing to its high fluoride and sodium count.

The Frederick Rotary Club is providing a grant of 18,000 dollars to help fund the high school student’s travel.  The Carroll Creek Rotary Club has also made a generous contribution of 2,000 dollars towards the water project

The Frederick Rotary club has given ECA a grant of 6,500 dollars to provide nutritional supplements to the Melka Oba students.  This will allow the students to have high energy biscuits for breakfast every day of the year.

The Melka Oba water project envisions the building of a pipeline to a local natural spring which would serve more than 3,000 people in the community.  The costs of this project would total 130,000 US dollars.  Given the high costs of this project, the Frederick Rotary Club is seeking partners to share in the financing.

One of the former AFC children, Betselot, has graduated and hopes to be accepted into medical school in Ethiopia in the Fall.   Semira has graduated from university in Canada.   Samri is studying for a masters in psychology at Addis Ababa University.  Tsigay, Mesi, and G will be going into their third year in university in the Fall.  Getahun and Kidist are still in high school.   Milka is working as a waitress in a very good restaurant in Addis.


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